Information for Visitors, Renters & Landlords

The Shores at Rainbow Lake welcomes you! We hope you enjoy your visit.
Some Important Telephone Numbers
Lakeside Fire: 928-368-6112
Pinetop-Lakeside Police: 928-368-8899
Summit Hospital: 928-537-4375
Property Manager, Samantha Riepel: office: 928-369-4000, cell phone: 928-242-4743
Emergency: 9-1-1
Listed below are some of the Rules, Regulations and Guidelines enacted by the Board of Directors to ensure the comfort and safety of everyone within the Shores property.  All owners AND their guests and tenants are required to obey these rules.
If you are a guest or a tenant, please remember this is a quiet residential community, not a resort.
  1. The use of any motorcycle, motor scooter, motorbike, go-cart, snow-mobile, ATV, UTV, golf cart or similar motorized vehicle is prohibited unless it is state licensed and driven by a licensed driver.
  2. The discharge of any weapon, firearm, air gun, BB gun, paint ball gun, slingshot, or archery bow and arrow is prohibited.
  3. The shooting, trapping, poisoning, snaring or stoning of any form of wildlife, animal or bird, is prohibited except where it is necessary to protect persons or property.
  4. The use of any and all illegal types of fireworks, rockets, fire crackers or similar items that emit loud or disturbing noise that constitute a nuisance is prohibited.
  5. All dogs and cats must be confined to the homeowner’s property except when controlled by a leash or similar restraint. Please pick up after your animals.
  6. Open fires are prohibited with the exception of fires in containers designed as barbecues, outdoor fireplaces, or fire pits.
  7. The speed limit on all roads within the subdivision is 18 MPH.
  8. Household trash and garbage may be disposed of using the dumpsters at the back gate if you do not use a trash pickup service.
  9. Use of common areas is restricted as posted. The tennis and basketball courts, the boat ramp, the Shores dock by the boat ramp, and the dock on Pine Creek Drive on the south end of the community are for the use of all Shores owners, guests, and tenants. Rainbow Cove has its own dock and gazebo and they are for the use of Rainbow Cove owners, guests, and Rainbow Cove tenants only.
  10. All other rules/regulations are to be followed as posted.
  11. Parking is allowed in garages and driveways. Overnight parking on streets is not permitted.
  12. No RVs, campers, boats, trailers, or other similar equipment shall be parked on a lot so as to be visible to a neighboring property.
  13. Please respect the privacy of all property owners including shorelines and private docks by not trespassing. It is illegal.
  14. Loud noises and other nuisances will not be tolerated.
  15. Flotation devices must be used on all watercraft.
  16. Fines can be levied for noncompliance.
Landlords:  You are required to complete and submit the Rental Notification form for every rental.  Click here to download the form.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Shores Board of Directors